July 25, 2011

Christ Church

Christ Church is one of the largest colleges at the University of Oxford and was founded in 1546. As well as being a college, Christ Church is also the cathedral church of the diocese of Oxford. The Christ Church Cathedral was built in the twelfth century and is amongst the oldest buildings in Oxford. It is the only church in the world to be both a cathedral and a college chapel. 

Memorial Gardens and Christ Church from the South

The Meadow Building

View across Christ Church Meadow to the tower of Merton College Chapel

Cloisters and tower of Christ Church Cathedral

Entrance to the Cathedral

This is the Jonah Window. This window is of great interest because only the figure of Jonah is made of stained glass. The rest of the window consists of small panels of painted glass, showing the city of Nineveh in minute detail.

Shrine and Window of St. Frideswide, patron saint of Oxford. The shrine is the oldest monument in the cathedral which was completed in 1289.

In this panel, the saint hides in a pig sty.

The tomb of Sir George Nowers, 1425

This is the Becket Window, circa 1320. This medieval window is the oldest in the cathedral and contains a rare panel showing the martyrdom of Archbishop Thomas Becket, who died in 1170. 

Here is a closer look. Becket is kneeling between a monk and the four knights who murder him. 

View of the chancel, high altar and east rose window.

The lierne vault of the chancel, with 12 hanging pendants, c.1500.
St. Catherine Window, circa 1878. The face of the central figure, St. Catherine of Alexandria, is actually a picture of Edith Liddell. Her sister Alice was the inspiration for the book 'Alice in Wonderland'. 

South transept memorial 

Fan vault over the staircase to the Great Hall in Christ Church College, dating from 1638.

The Great Hall is where the students and faculty of Christ Church take their meals. The Great Hall may also look familiar to any fans of the Harry Potter films, which inspired the set of Hogwarts. Scenes from the movies were filmed here, and on the grand stairs leading to the Hall.

 Here is the college where the students live and study. Christ Church has had many students who have subsequently gone on to achieve considerable fame. Among these are the philosopher John Locke, religious leaders John Wesley and William Penn and the writer Lewis Carroll. Albert Einstein also studied at Christ Church in the 1930s.  The College also has a close connection with government. Christ Church has produced 13 Prime Ministers and numerous Cabinet ministers.

The Great Quadrangle, more commonly known as Tom Quad