February 01, 2012

Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury Abbey is the oldest Christian Sanctuary in Britian. Legond says that Joseph of Arimathea brought Jesus here and they built part of the old wattle and daub church. The Abbey was been standing since 600. It was partially destroyed by fire in 1184 and was rebuilt.

The Abbey is also well known for its association with King Arthur. It is even thought that King Arthur and his queen, are buried here.

October 14, 2011

Gargoyles and Grotesques

You may not know but Oxford is also famous for its decorative gargoyles and grotesques. Most are found on the colleges and other old buildings in Oxford.

This one is my favorite. He must have just seen his council tax.

October 10, 2011

It's Fall

I have been taking photos of the fall leaves around Oxford this week. It's been awhile since I lived in a place where the leaves change colors. Very beautiful.

October 03, 2011

Thames Path

 The Thames Path is trail that follows the river from its source near Gloucestershire to the Thames Barrier at Charlton. It is about 184 miles long. If we wanted to, we could take the path from Oxford and walk all the the way to London. The trail was very nice and it took us through the English countryside. It was fun to see rural England and the little villages.

We saw many rowing teams practicing. The season starts soon, which should be fun to watch.
This is a lock and along the Thames there are several of these. A lock raises and lowers boats between stretches of water of different levels. It has a fixed chamber in which the water level can be varied so the boat may pass through. 

September 05, 2011


We had a great time in London. It was a beautiful day on Saturday, very warm and sunny. Everyone else in the world probably had the same idea we did, because it was VERY crowded in the city. 

Here is Buckingham Palace. This is as close as we got to the palace. By 9:30 they were completely sold out for the day and the line to get in was 3-4 hour wait.
St. James Park. The park was commissioned in 1532 by Henry VIII.
  Pelicans have been featured in the park since 1664.
Calvary Museum
We were just in time to see the changing of the Queen's Life Guard.
Since the Queen was in London, the Guard consisted of 1 Officer, 1 Corporal Major, 2 Non-Commissioned Officers, 1 Trumpeter and 10 Troopers. This is known as a Long Guard. When the queen is not in London, the Guard is reduced to 2 Non-Commissioned Officers and 10 Troopers. This is known as a Short Guard.
The Goodyear Blimp over London
Trafalgar Square
Countdown to the Summer Olympics
Around the city
 Big Ben
The Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament. This is the meeting place of the two houses, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Again, the line to get in was so long.
 Goodyear Blimp over Parliament
 The Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, popularly known as Westminster Abbey.
Winston Churchill Statue